Celebrating over 10

Years of Business!

We've been providing graphic design and web design services to businesses in Barrie, Ontario since 2003.

You can count on our graphic designer and creative director, Julie Bateman to personally listen to your needs and understand your objectives and challenges.

Julie is proud to live and work in Barriethe city where both of her parents grew up and she's called home since high schoolover twenty years ago.

Whether you're starting  a new business or are already established, we look forward to working with you. By keeping our personal touch a priority, we've built a boutique structure that increases our responsiveness and avoids layers of bureaucracy. Our turnaround times are faster and we care about the end result as much as you do.

We're available to work independently or as a freelance part of your marketing team.

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Bateman Design Group is a boutique creative company operating in Barrie, Ontario since 2003. We provide graphic design, web design and creative services, and are committed to being flexible, affordable and small business friendly. Learn More





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