Google+ — Not Just Another Social Network

Bateman Design Group knows social mediaWhen someone mentions Google+, is a blank expression your only response? Although other networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are more popular at the moment, it is definitely worth your time setting up a Google+ page.

Google+ is a way for you to share information, including pictures and movies, to those who follow you. The idea is to share information with your followers in a more real life manner, using circles, as mentioned below.

A network of circles

Google+ circles are like having a separate mailing list for each part of your business. For instance, you can have a circle dedicated to local business people in your community, and one for customers of your store. This way you can share current events with the business people in your community and promotions to your customers. Unlike Facebook, which posts everything to a “wall,” Google+ allows you to select which group of people you would like to share information to, through circles.

SEO on your to-do list?

One of the most important benefits to having a Google+ page is the fact that it will improve your search engine ranking. Google loves anything to do with itself, and if your business has a Google+ page there will be definite improvements in your search engine ranking.

Your Google+ page

Your Google+ page is highly customizable. You can change the banner picture for your business, add information about the products you carry or the service you provide, and much more. Just like Facebook, all you have to do is create a personal profile for yourself, and then add a business page. You can also claim your business, which grants you access to update the hours of your business and add photos. This information will show up directly in a Google search when someone enters your business name.

You can find Bateman Design Group on Google+ by clicking here. We are available to help you customize your new Google+ business page to ensure it is slick and sophisticated, and reflects your business’s personality.




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About Julie Bateman

Julie Bateman is a professional graphic designer and the founder of Bateman Design Group, a boutique creative agency in Barrie, Ontario. Julie has over 15 years of design and business experience, and has taught courses in Digital Photography, Design Fundamentals and Advertising at Georgian College. Samples of her work have been published in both ‘Basic Logos’ by Index Books, and ‘Graphically Speaking: A Visual Lexicon for Achieving Better Designer-Client Communication’ by Lisa Buchanan. Julie also recently earned her Google Analytics Platform Principles certificate from Google.
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