The top 5 CMS modules

A content management system (CMS) allows you to log in securely from any computer with an internet connection to update your website in an easy-to-use interface.

A CMS allows you to do many things such as create new web pages, edit existing copy, add photos or links, update a blog, manage an event calendar, and publish your new pages online or archive them for future reference—all from a central interface.


What is a module?

CMS Dashboard

The CMS Dashboard for

The content management systems that we develop here at Bateman Design Group are all customized to  your specific needs.

Our systems all start with an admin area, where you log in to manage your user accounts, and view a dashboard that includes icons of the various modules that you’ve had installed.

In a CMS, a module is a collection of code files that adds one or more features to your web site. So, essentially, the more modules you choose to include in your CMS, the more control you’ll have over your website—but each module comes with a fee so it’s important to decide which features are the most important to you and your company.



Below is a list of the five most requested modules for the content management systems we’ve built to date at Bateman Design Group.

5 Most Popular CMS Modules

Our five most popular CMS modules include the content manager, photo gallery, banner manager, client contacts and banner ad manager.

  1. Content Manager
    The content manager allows you to manage content for each page of your website using a WYSIWYG editor, similiarly to how you create documents using Microsoft Word. It allows you to change font styles and colours as well as create links and add images and documents. This module is great for managing the majority of content based pages. Additional modules such as the news module or photo gallery module are recommended for content-specific page where content needs to be arranged in a specific order.
  2. Photo Gallery
    If you can attach an image to an email, you can upload photos to your own website using our photo gallery manager. Adding a photo is as simple as uploading a file and add an optional title and description. The photo gallery module does the rest. Photos are automatically resized and placed on the website. Our photo gallery module supports unlimited categories and photos.
  3. Banner Manager
    Banners come in many shapes and sizes. Regardless of what they look like, they catch attention and they help to promote services, products or upcoming events. The banner manager allows your to easily upload an image, and supply a link to a web page or a document.
  4. Contact Manager
    Our Contact Manager module is fully customizable and makes it easy to maintain relevant contact information for your customers, staff or or industry contacts.
  5. Banner Ad Manager
    Similar to the banner manager, banner ads catch attention and they help to promote services, products or upcoming events. The banner ad manager allows your to easily upload banner ad, and add a link to a web page or a document.

Some other popular modules include:

  • News Manager 

    Custom Content Management System

    Screenshot of the Content Manager used to edit the Bateman Design Group website.

  • Events Manager
  • FAQ Manager
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Location Manager
  • Testimonial Manager
  • YouTube Video Integration Manager
  • Member / User Manager
  • Documents Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Form Submissions Manager
  • Resource Manager

Every company is different so we can develop fully customized modules to suit your needs. For example, we developed an elaborate CMS for a magazine publishing company that included modules to manage banner ads, advetorials, contests, directory listings, video integration, article comments—and even allows staff to upload magazine or ad proofs for other staff members to comment and approve the content.

The question to ask yourself is how often does information need to be changed on your website? If the answer is “often” and changes need to be quarterly, monthly or even daily, then content management is for you. Best of all, it can be accessed from anywhere (your home, your office) since it is a web based application.


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