Save time,
money and stress

by hiring one graphic design company for your logo, brand development, marketing material, advertising and your website.


Save time

By hiring Bateman Design Group to design all of your marketing material, you do not have to explain yourself, your company and your goals over and over again. Instead, our creative director will sit down with you and listen to your thoughts and concerns. You can then turn the reins of the entire project into her capable hands, allowing you time to focus on what makes you money—running your business.

It is exceedingly more effective to allow one company to handle all of the details. They store all of your design files and graphic assets in their system, which helps ensure there’s less chance of delays, mistakes or brand inconsistencies.

Save money

It’s common knowledge that a combo deal costs less than buying each part separately; just like purchasing fries and a pop with your burger, contracting one graphic designer for your logo, business card, advertising and marketing graphics, plus your signage, website and everything else will cost less than hiring a separate company or person to fulfill each part.
As well, many graphic designers like Bateman Design Group have very good working relationships with local vendors such as printersthis means you are likely to receive a higher discount than if you contacted the printer yourself.
Save stress


No one likes the burden of extra work. By hiring one company that does it all, you don’t have to worry about coordinating one company to design your business cards, another to print them and yet a third to develop your website and have it all ready for your new product launch.

Having one point of contact also means that no matter what part of the project you have a question or a concern onfrom brochures, to business cards to your websiteBateman Design Group will have the answer.

It’s simple. It’s more effective—cost, time and less stress—to hire one company for any of your marketing needs. Bateman Design Group excels at brand development and can create a logo and branded material that will work perfectly for web, print or any other media.

Our graphic designers and web design team will ensure all fonts, colours and styles are consistent across all of your branded marketing materials in print or on the web so you don't have to worry about it.

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